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Tips to Adorn a Salon with Folding Makeup Chairs & Other Essentials

Many beauty professionals believe that a small space will never allow them to conquer their clients, big mistake! Find here some ideas to decorate a small beauty salon with color tones, portable salon furniture, which includes folding makeup chairs, tables, storage cabinets, and so on.

If you have a small space to assemble your beauty salon, do not worry, small businesses can actually go out of business; everything is in the decoration and the colors that you use. Do you want to have a more spacious center? Follow our advice.

Folding Makeup Chairs

Ideas to Decorate a Small Beauty Salon

When we talk about decorating a small beauty salon, the key is to have a strategy to locate each shelf and object, and the colors you use.

Plan the Decoration of Each Space

Make a simple plan with the respective measurements of the available space, and then make a list of the furniture and bookshelf you plan to buy and then, put on paper some ideas of how to distribute the furniture.

Once you have an idea of where you want to put X thing, you will know if space is insufficient and you should reduce the list, or if you have to rethink the distribution in another way because you have a place in one area and in another everything is tight.

Once this exercise is over, choose the distribution like Folding Makeup chairs and tables that gives you the most space to move around.

Functional Furniture

Neutral Colors in Furniture

If you use clear walls, but for furniture of a strong tone it is difficult to obtain the expected result. If you are a lover of happy colors and it is hard for you to put them aside, take advantage of the little things to put in them the colors that you like the most.

Moderate and Sober Furniture

When you think about how to decorate a small beauty salon, you should completely forget about the strong tones in the furniture, since they minimize the sizes even more.

Not only is it a matter of size, under no circumstances is it advisable to use a colorful bookcase, as this makes customers focus on the decoration and not on the product you are exhibiting. So you should ensure that the furniture and shelves are similar in color to the walls, that is, in neutral colors.

Functional Furniture

Have you seen that furniture that is folded and stored as if by magic? They are amazing ideas to decorate a small beauty salon! With them, the dimensions stop being a problem and powers the spaces to the maximum.

Clear and Neutral Walls

As for the painting of walls, it is advisable to have everything in a light and neutral color such as white, beige or gray.

If the use of these colors scares you because you do not want to look bored, you can paint a wall of a strong color that goes according to the colors you have in the rest of the decoration. But do not forget to leave the others in a neutral tone.

When someone asks you how to decorate a small beauty salon do not hesitate to suggest these tips. We hope you have been very useful! And, if you are seeking where to buy an affordable and best portable and folding makeup chairs, tables, and other accessories then visit our store Tuscany Pro.

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