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Choose TuscanyPro for Best Salon Equipment in 2021

Are you a salon owner or a makeup artist looking to upgrade your services in 2021 with the best salon equipment?

You must be well aware of the fact that purchasing the best salon equipment demands a good investment. Therefore, you should look for safe pieces of equipment; durable could help you attract a good base of clients.

Whenever it comes to buying the Best Salon Equipment, no other online platform can compete with the gears available at TuscanyPro. There is a variety of salon equipment available at TuscanyPro at an affordable price from which you can find the best suitable equipment that suits your work.

These are the best salon equipment available at TuscanyPro.


Makeup Artist Equipment


Makeup chairs always make to the top of the list of best salon equipment. The makeup chairs available at TuscanyPro are the US Patented, 29″ of seat height, have comfortable sitting, and a warranty of ten years.

However, the chairs are heavy-duty, easy to carry, and highly durable because of the material used in its manufacturing.

TuscanyPro Lights

professional makeup light

Light is an essential piece of equipment for makeup artists to get good clarity of their work. TuscanyPro lights gain space in the collection of best makeup equipment because these lights are US Patented, have good light quality, easy to mount, multi-purpose use, durable, and come with ten years of warranty.

Hairstylist Chairs

Salon Furniture and Equipment for Sale

Hairstylist chairs help you keep up with the changing times. You can carry a hairstylist chair to wherever you desire. The seat height of the chair is 25inch, and it comes with a proper light system. Additionally, the chair is comfortable, heavy-duty, lightweight in design, and comes with ten years of warranty.


makeup artist portable table 

Tables make the best salon equipment as you can use them to keep all your makeup accessories in one place. TuscanyPro tables are affordable and provide you with all the best features you are looking for. Like all the TuscanyPro equipment, the tables are also US Patented.

TuscanyPro uses high-quality material in manufacturing these tables. Also, the tables are foldable, portable, and user-friendly.

Trolley Dolly

Unique Folding Trolley Dolly & Nail Artist Bag

Trolley Dolly can be a useful piece of equipment to carry makeup accessories from one place to another. It also comprises of certain products and tools holder. Trolley Dolly, available at TuscanyPro, comes with big wheels that make it hassle-free to carry products.

Therefore, Trolley Dolly is appreciated for its folding cart and professional bag. It provides ten years of the warranty period, advanced design, and versatility. Moreover, it is a modern salon equipment that intends to make your work easy.

Final Words

Hence, these are the five best salon equipment available that you can buy at a reasonable price. To attract more clients and give them valuable experience in the year 2021, buy the best salon equipment at TuscanyPro.



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