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How to Choose Modern Hairdressing and Makeup Artist Table & Chair?

If you’re thinking about renovating your hairdresser room, sure you’ve already started looking for new furniture and suppliers. At Tuscany Pro, we are a company specialized in technical design decoration and business development of aesthetic hairdressing and makeup artist table & Chair. Therefore, we make sure that your choice is the best for your business and you can strengthen your room as much as possible.

In order for your choice to be correct, the first thing you should do is measure your needs and establishes some objectives. Depending on the meters of your premises, your disposition and the services you are going to offer, you will have to choose between one and the other furniture, even between different types. However, there are some basics that should not be missing in your beauty salon.

Dressing Table:

What would be a hairdresser without a table? Examine the positions you need or would like to put and depending on it, you can choose sizes or shapes. You can choose complete that go from floor to ceiling or partial, smaller. Try to find a balance between design and functionality. Think that they are part of your work tools. In this situation, we recommend to buy Makeup Artist Portable Table.

makeup artist portable table


It is important that customers are comfortable; you must bear in mind that they must be versatile and offer durability, have you thought how many people can get to sit on it? You can have several types depending on the specialties or services you offer.


In the world of beauty, the design is fundamental. Choose one design or another can be a key to the aesthetic aspect of your room. Unify criteria with the rest of the premises and with the philosophy of your company. For example, if you want to give a classic touch to your hairdresser maybe it is not advisable to put elements too linear or minimalist. The secret of a good design is to achieve a balance between style and functionality. It will be of little use to have a very nice room, but you are not able to work well on it. Here, the trendy yet portable Makeup Artist Table and Chair makes a great choice.

makeup artist table and chair

Would you like to have professional advice? In Tuscany Pro, we will help you with your project, from the proximity and the professionalism to fulfill all your objectives.

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