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A Guide to Buy Portable Salon Chairs

Choosing portable salon chairs are important for starting any activity in a salon. Also called an ergonomic chair, the choice must be made according to the possible settings, ergonomics, and transport. Before embarking on a purchase, it is, therefore, necessary to compare and ask for tips and technical details on the portable salon chairs.

The portable salon chair is an essential element to the effectiveness of the beauty center. Indeed, it must be transportable, robust, ergonomic, and comfortable.

Portable Salon Chairs

What are the main criteria for choosing Portable Salon Chairs?

The Structure

There are several materials that are used for the structure of Portable Salon Chairs, which are as follows:

Wood: Wood is a noble material, which is often appreciated. However, given the many adjustments needed on a salon chair, the wood may not be the most sensible material on the longevity of the chair. Some parts may tear out faster.

Aluminum: Aluminum is a lightweight material that can be used to make a lightweight massage chair.

Steel: Steel is a robust material and the most used by the manufacturers because it is cheap.

Carbon Fiber: Carbon fiber is a lightweight, robust and environmentally friendly material by its manufacturing process.

The Coating

The materials often used for the upholstery of portable salon chairs are the same as for a portable table; PVC, VYNIL, or PU (polyurethane).

The coating must be flexible, resistant and easy to maintain. In addition, it must have passed fire tests.

The advice we can give would be to choose a coating color in harmony with your image. It must match your graphic chart.

The Guarantee

You must invest in a quality product. The longer the guarantee, the more confident you will feel about the manufacturer’s commitment that his products are best.

The guarantee intervenes for any problems of manufacture or problem during normal use. Any misuse of the portable chair and damage caused by such misuse will not be allowed in the warranty.

With What Accessories Best Portable Salon Chairs Come?

The Height:

The adjustable and portable salon chairs are ideal because they can adapt to the height of the practitioner and promote better postures for better comfort.


The seating must be adjustable depending on the size of the client for more versatility. The comfort of the cushion is very important; preferred a wide cushion, with dense foam.

Armrest Shelf:

It relaxes the shoulders. It must be wide enough so that the person can put his arms without having to cross them.

Headrest Adjustable In Height and Inclination:

It adapts to the morphology of the client. In addition, you can work more easily.

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