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Professional Makeup Artist Chair – A Buying Guide

As a professional makeup artist, a makeup chair is the most crucial piece of equipment you need. Because you have to travel now and then, a good makeup artist chair becomes a necessity. It will not only give ultimate experience to your clients but also save yourself from a sore back.
Today, you can find an assortment of chairs in the market for makeup artists.

Choosing the right one needs precise consideration. First of all, as you have to visit various locations with models, you need to buy a portable, foldable, lightweight chair and suits your needs. So, before investing in a Professional Makeup Artist Chair, make sure to keep the following aspects in mind.

Professional Makeup Artist ChairFeatures of Professional Makeup Artist Chair

Many people often mistake that director’s chairs and makeup artist chairs are the same. Although they might seem similar, the roles they play are pretty different. So, what makes a chair Professional Makeup Artist Chair?


Compared to normal chairs, professional makeup artist chairs are taller. When a model sits on it, his/her face is at the makeup artist’s eye level. As the models or clients vary in overall structures and heights, you can adjust the chair height accordingly.


Another feature is the stability of the chair. A good makeup artist chair is stable and sturdy. For a successful makeup session, the makeup artist should be seated comfortably and safely. These chairs’ base should be stables, legs are secured, and have a computed center of gravity.


The chair for makeup artists, should be hard-wearing and ergonomic. It means a good professional makeup artist chair must have popper steel screws, welds, and reinforcements, so the chair lasts for long.

Backrest and padded Seat

When choosing the right makeup artist chair, make sure it has a backrest and padded seat so that the artist feels comfortable while doing makeup. Ensure that the material used is breathable and easy to wash.

High-Quality Material Used in a Well-Built Professional Makeup Artist Chair

With so many types of materials available, you should choose sturdy, rust, and corrosion-resistant ones. As the chair’s frame is available in wood or aluminum, both have their own pros and cons. While aluminum-framed chairs are ideal for mobile artists and are scratch-resistance and lightweight. Wooden makeup artist chairs are ideal for those who don’t have to travel much. Most makeup artist chairs are made of chipboard or scrap wood. But if you want an easy to fold compact and portable makeup chair, then aluminum is the right material to choose.

An ideal professional makeup artist chair provides makeup artists with a great level of functionality and comfort. You can adjust it to any height and do not have to bend over. Since it can be folded and unfolded quickly, it saves a lot of space and is easy to carry anywhere. You can lift these into small vehicles as they take up very little space for storage. You can choose a portable, sturdy, and lightweight chair that remains steady while creating hairstyle or applying makeup.

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