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Set up your Traveling Makeup Studio with the Right Makeup Artist Equipment

After you finish your online make-up artist classes, you will need to have the technical skills, access to quality products, and the right equipment to get started. If you plan to set up your own traveling make-up studio, you’ll need the right make-up products and equipment to practice your skills. In this article, we will learn about the essential makeup artist equipment you need, whether you’re setting up a studio at home or making a traveling studio kit so you can work anywhere.

Makeup Artist Equipment

Must-Haves for Traveling Makeup Studios

When setting up a home studio or a traveling studio kit, you should have the following must-haves.

Good Lighting

The best place to apply make-up is in an area that gets the most light. Make sure you set up near the window if you can. If there isn’t a window or the space is too small and dim, look for the area with the best lighting. You need to pay attention to the small things on your client’s face and in your work. In general, stay away from places where the light is too harsh or where you can’t see enough to blend well. You can also use portable lights with an umbrella to make applying make-up in any lighting a breeze. Choose a light with a bright, white bulb so your client’s face will not look yellow. Don’t make it more difficult for yourself to find the right color for your clothes! Even if your studio is short-term, lights that can move in different directions are the best.

A Mirror

In a home studio, having a mirror seems like a good idea. However, it is vital to choose the right mirror. With enough money and space, lit vanity mirrors are a good choice for long-term use. For a small make-up station near a bright window, think about a self-lit, free-standing, adjustable mirror that can be set up where you want it. These are usually small, so they’re also good for going on trips. It’s important to make sure that you look good in both 2D photos and the 3D perspective of the human eye. In this case, you’ll need a mirror to see how the make-up looks in 2D. A mirror will also let your client see your work as you apply their make-up, which will make them feel much more at ease.


You’ll need a table big enough to lay out all of your make-up tools in an organized way. In your home studio, the table should be low enough that you can sit down to do your own make-up but high enough that you can reach while you stand to do your clients’ make-up, too. When you travel, you may have to choose between a few things. For example, here, a folding table can help. It is easy to carry, lightweight, and strong enough to carry your make-up artist equipment.


Seeing into the mirror and getting what you need is important. If your studio is for your own use, pick a chair that is the right height for your table. For people who work in this studio, think about getting a taller chair so you don’t have to hunch over when you work. Adjustable chairs that can be raised and lowered (and swivel) are great for studios that stay the same. During your trip, you might have to use the old-fashioned make-up artist chairs that are available to get around. However, if you don’t want to carry a bulky one, invest in buying a  Tuscanypro tall folding chair that you can carry with you.

Product Organization for Makeup Artist Equipment

It doesn’t matter where you set up shop. Keep your products and tools in their proper places. It looks more professional and makes it easier to find things quickly and quickly. You can use containers in your own home studio to keep your brushes, sponges, and cosmetics all in the same place. Before going on a trip, make sure your products and tools are in order in your folding trolley dolly. You should keep the make-up brushes in a small container that can be easily attached to the makeup chair. Things will be easy to find when you set up.

No matter where you set up, bring everything you need to keep the area and equipment clean and tidy. In your travel kit, you should have paper towels, a real towel, hand sanitizer, cotton swabs, cotton balls, moist wipes, and an all-purpose cleaner, as well as one for all kinds of things. When you work at home, keep these supplies close by, so you can reach them quickly if there are spills. You will look more professional if you have all the things you need for a clean, healthy workspace.

Make It Simple For Yourself!

You should think about your space and what you need when you do your make-up each time. It doesn’t matter where your make-up studio is. Make sure you have the right make-up artist equipment you need while still keeping things in order! Building a well-stocked, ready-to-use studio saves time and lets you focus on the make-up.

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