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Choose The Best Professional Makeup Light Stand For Your Salon

Are you setting up your salon? Well, congratulations! Be it chairs, mirrors, hair styling tools, or beautifying products or equipment; you must have got everything on your checklist. But have you thought about the lighting? Yes, I’m talking about professional makeup light stand.

Makeup Light Stand

Lighting plays a crucial role in makeup. The right lighting will determine how well your makeup products are used for an excellent finish. So, here is how you can choose the best Professional Makeup Light Stand for your salon.

1. Budget

You don’t want to go beyond your budget for a single light stand. So, make sure you have your budget in mind before you go out and narrow down the options for a makeup light stand. You will find a number of options in the market, from cheap to expensive.

Look for a one that caters to your needs and is budget-friendly.

2. Durability

Durability also plays an essential role in buying the right stand for your salon. Make sure you go for a durable stand made of superior material instead of some cheap plastic. Also, since the stand will be carried from one place to another in the salon, it is up for rough use, and you must buy a durable light stand.

Further, you can go for a stand, which has an umbrella made of thick nylon material. It ensures durability.

3. Portability

Do your employees go out for makeup sessions and offer services at different locations? If yes, portability is another essential factor you must consider while buying the professional makeup light stand.

As you will have to take the light stand to various places, it would be better to buy a stand that is light in weight and is less bulky. Buying a huge light stand will create a problem for you in the future and is not a smart investment.

4. Required Accessories

Look for a stand that requires minimal accessories and can be set up by a normal person. Make sure it doesn’t require any skills for its assembly. There are a variety of options available in the market. You can choose the one that suits you the best.

Also, the product should absorb and spread the maximum amount of light. You can even take into account how much you can rotate the light and if it has the option for dimming the light.

5. Good Support System

Since the makeup is dependent on the intensity of light, which depends on how well a stand can hold the light upright. For this, you need to buy a stand that offers a sound support system.

Also, you can look for some additional features, such as makeup brush holders, mirrors, and cell phone holders.


A professional makeup light stand is one of the essential accessories for a salon. So, you must put some thought into it before investing in a good-quality and functional light stand. For this, keep the above things in mind, and you won’t go wrong with your choice.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t go for a cheap stand if your budget is low. There are many companies that are providing high-quality stands at an affordable price. All you have to do is research!

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