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Must Have Features of the Best Hairstylist Chairs

When a hairstylist starts working, the first equipment they need is a professional hairstylist chair. It is a foldable and portable chair with quite distinct qualities while inspired by director chairs. Also known as “director chair, ” you can find a wide range of best hairstylist chairs that appear identical at first sight yet have vastly varied pricing. So, how do you pick a truly nice and professional makeup chair?

best hairstylist chairs

Features of the Best Hairstylist Chairs

A professional makeup chair must have the following features:

Ideal Height

A hairstylist chair is not the same as a director’s chair. It is taller, so you can work with your back erect and the customer’s face just a little lower than yours. A double-height chair is the best answer given the clients’ varying heights.


The hairstylist chair must be sturdy in order for the person sitting on it to remain stationary, comfortable, and safe. Otherwise, doing the makeup correctly will be tough. The chair must also have a solid base, properly fastened legs, and a well-calculated center of gravity. It’s even better if it’s a makeup chair with an anti-tip system.

Structure and strength

The chair’s structure must be safe, ergonomic, and long-lasting. The finishing, the reinforcements, the welds, the steel screws: all of these things raise the price. While ensuring the makeup artist a long chair life and excellent security standards for his/her customers. Have you ever noticed that most makeup chairs on the market are not straight when seen from behind? In the best-case scenario, the two backrests supports converge; in the worst-case scenario, the entire chair is off-axis. This asset implies a lack of structural quality and solidity.

Backrest and seat

The backrest and seat of the chair should not be made of basic cloth since cotton or other fabrics shrink lose color. Moreover, these products are more prone to wear in a brief period of time. The chair then seems old, unclean, and hazardous. As a result, the optimum material must be technological, breathable, and machine washable.

Easy handling and portability

The best makeup chair must be easy to open and close. It must not have separate pieces that must be screwed together (often, footrests are not integrated but separately provided, and you must assemble and disassemble them each time) must be easy to carry. It should not be too heavy and should come with a protective bag for transport.

Comfortable for the client

The finest chair should be comfortable for both the customer and the hairstylist, especially during lengthy cosmetic sessions. This chair with a removable and adjustable headrest is an excellent choice. It lets your customers relax while maintaining their faces in the optimum makeup position. A plus to add comfort is the foldable makeup chair with a padded seat and backrest. A non-slip footrest is essential.


This professional chair decorated with your company’s name or emblem is an effective instrument for visual promotion. You will always have your makeup chair with you, so don’t overlook this element. It would be much great if the chair’s transporting bag could be personalized.

Why Hairstylists Choose Foldable Chairs?

Many hairstylists opt for foldable compact best hairstylist chairs since they are lightweight, small, and easy to store. Folding chairs don’t have to be the usual metal variety we’re all too familiar with. Many diverse alternatives are visually beautiful while providing a simple method to accommodate more people.

Folding chairs are also ideal for large gatherings such as weddings and graduation celebrations and beach days, park barbecues, and camping. However, the hairstylist chair you desire for an on-the-go expedition may not be the type you want for your house or a special occasion.

When searching for a chair, keep in mind how you want to use it. Take note of the chair’s size, weight, and material, since these aspects will influence how you store it and if it is suited for outdoor usage. Not sure where to start? We found standout options for every occasion and budget.

Wrapping the post

Purchasing the right equipment and items is the most significant investment you can make in your working life. So, while purchasing the best hairstylist chairs, use extreme caution. When purchasing them, it is important to seek the advice of a competent hairstylist. When making a purchase, never compromise on the product’s quality or convenience of use.

At TuscanyPRO, we offer a range of the best hairstylist chairs. These chairs are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. Our Hairstylist chairs are stylish and contemporary in design; they may make your salon furniture current and up to date. These chairs, like makeup chairs, have a sturdy structure, simple folding mechanisms, and cushioned seats. Besides this, our hairstylist chairs include additional features such as leg stabilizers, armrests, and elbow padding. These come with storage pockets and a side tray and are ideal for makeup, hair styling, face painting, and other salon applications.

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