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Looking for a Portable makeup table? Tuscany pro would be a great choice.

Are you thinking of having a portable makeup table of your own and have a makeup facility even when you are traveling? Yes, you are in the right place!

Introducing here we have our Tuscany Pro portable makeup table that is not just loaded with all the essential features but is also very user-friendly and a great performer.

Do you want to know why? Here it is so.

Loaded with modern requirements

Not just durable and user-friendly, but our portable makeup table also has a cell phone holder, mesh bag for your trash, power strip, USB ports, storage for your tools and items. That makes it altogether high equipment loaded with all sorts of aids and instruments. Makeup was never have accompanied by such excellent means, but, our company provides you with it.

Makeup Table

Durable Material

Lightweight but heavy-duty, Tuscany Pro is made up of premium quality aluminum that makes it sturdy and lasting. Moreover, the black powder covering on it gives it an elegance that just cannot be ignored.

 Ten years warranty

Our portable makeup table Tuscany Pro comes with a ten-year warranty. Nothing beats the right quality product if it is durable and has warranty options. We provide you with support and assistance related to our product.

The US Patented

What more trustworthy would be other than a patent? We have a US patent on our Portable Makeup Table Tuscany Pro. We support innovations and come up with new user-friendly ideas from time to time to meet our customers’ comfort. Tuscany Pro is an excellent example of one such innovation of us.

Easy to carry

Moving your makeup tables and taking them to various places was always a tiresome task. Tuscany Pro is here to rescue you. Since they are very lightweight, only 22 lbs, they are highly portable and can be carried and moved according to your requirements.

Compact yet Sufficient

Our Portable Makeup Table, Tuscany Pro, is compact and can be placed at whatever place you want it to be in. Compact and sufficient do not go together, right? No, Tuscany Pro is here with enough pockets and slots to keep all your makeup essentials at a place.


A makeup artist looking for a portable makeup table? Tuscany pro would be a great choice for you with every single requirement that a makeup table should possess, yet better than everyone else.

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