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Top Salon Furniture and Equipment in 2020

Are you a makeup artist and looking for the best salon furniture and equipment for sale?

You must invest in the most durable, safe, and high-quality furniture and pieces of equipment. Also, it will help in attracting your clients and will increase your reach to targeted customers.

Tuscany Pro has come up with some top Salon Furniture and Equipment for Sale that can upgrade your salon and help you enhance your business. Please go through it and select the best out of them.

1. Tall Makeup Folding Artist Chair Bar Height with Side Table:

It is the heavy-duty make-up chair that gives the best experience to the customer and a make-up artist. It includes a footrest, which makes it more comfortable for the client to sit correctly. Besides, it consists of a side table available with a cup holder that can hold a cup, phone, make-up, etc. efficiently.

Most importantly, it is foldable and easy to carry anywhere if you are a door-to-door artist. With its stylish and unique design style, it gives a fantastic look to your salon and will attract your customer as well.

2. Portable Makeup & Hair Chair with LED Ring Light:

If you are looking for the best transportable makeup chair for your salon, the make-up chair with an LED ring light by Tuscany Pro will be your best choice. It is a foldable make-up chair that makes it easy for you to carry and store it properly. It is available with an LED ring light that makes it more convenient for the artist to apply makeup easily.

Moreover, the light gives dimming effects and it can rotate at 120 degrees effortlessly. Additionally, it consists of a brush holder, two deep side tables on both sides of a chair, a pouch, a storage net, a cell phone, and a mirror holder.

3. Upgraded Director Makeup Artist Chair:

An inexpensive and classy looking chair is available for you that quickly catches the attention of your customer is here. In its construction they use a renounce and stylish side table. In addition, this side table consists of a cup holder also. It gives the comfort of a different level to both a person sitting on it and the make-up artist of hairstylist.

Also, its footrest will be relaxing for your client and help them sit conveniently for hours. It is given to you with a fantastic carry bag that makes it easier to carry.


The above discussed was some of the best furniture with the most demanded equipment during this year. Moreover, go through the official site of Tuscany Pro and the Salon furniture and equipment for sale to order them online.

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