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Why choose an adjustable makeup chair

Being a makeup artist in today’s day in age means you must be versatile and ready for just about anything. You need to be ready for any set but also any client and job. You could be doing wedding makeup in Bali one day and helping with a fashion shoot the following week. With a constantly changing lifestyle, you need equipment that adapts just like you. That is why Tuscanypro offers the world’s only adjustable chair that adjusts to you.

Why choose the adjustable SMART MUA chair?

  • Durability
    • Like the looks you create, we want to ensure you can depend on our products.
    •  The high-quality material used to create the chairs can endure indoor and outdoor sets.
  • Adjustability
    •  When we created the SMART CHAIR, we had a chair that could do it all in mind. The chair adjusts to three different heights. 22’, 25’, and 29’, offering you flexibility.
    • Why are the heights impactful? Well, each job is different just like each client. The adjustable chair can offer a client comfort, help you stay healthy, and help your back.
    • The height changes also help you based on the type of job you are conducting. Do you need some height for makeup? You may need a smaller chair to create the best hairstyle. Instead of lugging around two different chairs, we offer one that does everything.
  • Accountability
    • We ensure our products are for all types of jobs. We offer a ten-year warranty that helps you build confidence in us.

There are many options that you can choose. However, there is only one adjustable chair in the world. Trust us with your business. Get your hands on the world’s only adjustable chairs before they are sold out. You can find the chair at Tuscanypro.com and enjoy 5 percent off using the code JUNEBLOOM5 at checkout.

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