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14” TuscanyPro LED Ring Light

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TuscanyPro LED Ring Light is one of the best products in today’s market. There are so many brilliant options when it comes to salon equipment. However, the uniqueness that you will get in TuscanyPro LED Ring Light is unmatched. You can mount the light quickly, boosting your productivity to a different level. One can adjust the brightness of the light as per preference, and the light allows you a 120-degree rotation. There are multiple items for enhancing productivity, such as a mirror, a brush holder, and a cell phone holder.

The 14 Inch TuscanyPro LED Ring Light has 432 lights in it. It gives you an upper hand at visibility, and you can perform your makeup and hairstyling assignments with better detailing. The voltage it operates is AC 100-250V with a power of 400W and 3600LUX luminance. Also, the easy-to-mount feature allows you to place the light according to your comfort and demand. It is even compatible with a DSLR camera. Furthermore, there are many bonus items present with the product that make it the perfect salon equipment for you to have in your salon.

Moreover, you can also personalize the product and add names. Where will you get all of this in a single product? TuscanyPro delivers all of this at such an affordable rate. It comes with a ten-year warranty which will give you a sense of reliability on the product. The team is here to deal with any issue you might face with TuscanyPro LED Ring Light. You can use the ring light as per your preference. Hence, the product fits most people, not just makeup artists. Use it for photoshoots, study, makeup, hairstyling, and whatnot! Use the product in whatever way you want to. The aesthetics and usage of the product are what you need the most at the moment!