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Introducing the SMART CHAIR by SMART MUA with an LED Package. This chair boasts an innovative design featuring black power-coated, flat-reinforced aluminum tubing, which gives it a classy look and the durability to withstand use in a store or while traveling. The chair’s seat is made of black 630D polyester fabric that is washable and mildew-resistant.

Equipped with several features, this chair has a footrest, anti-tipping leg stabilizers, two side tables that act as trays, and a removable brush holder storage pouch, storage net, and adjustable shoulder carry strap. The round armrests with elbow pads provide additional comfort, making it perfect for any makeup job or face painting assignment. We all require proper lighting in makeup and hair styling assignments. Now you do not have to worry about lighting at all.

Moreover, the package has an LED light that assists you well in your assignments. Now you can focus better on every detail and deliver the best results to your clients. Gone are the old days when makeup was tedious and time taking. Now you have a makeup chair with features that will provide you with the ultimate support. Also, there is a wide range of options in the market today. However, you will get equipment that is comfortable, affordable, durable, stylish, and full of features. Yes! All of this in just one chair. It is only possible with TuscanyPro.

Also, the SMART CHAIR by SMART MUA – LED Package is available in an adjustable variant, making it a versatile choice for all your needs. Its best feature is its durability, and its patented pending design is sure to impress. Do you want to deliver better service to your clients? Do you need something that can ensure you work at your peak performance? Upgrade your workspace with the SMART CHAIR by SMART MUA – LED Package today!